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Limited Lifetime Warranty

Parts & Custom Fabricated Replacement Products:

The original owner receives a
Lifetime Warranty, which applies to the workmanship & defective parts.
Limited by: (not covered) breakage from normal usage, age or abuse, by
Cats, Dogs, Parties, House Guest & So Much More.

Why isn't My Blind Covered By The Original Limited Life Time Warranty From The Manufacture? Did it break because of factory defect or error?

Some are very forgiving, try these links to your manufactures to check your warranty coverage.


Customer Satisfaction Company Policy:

You can send your NEW parts back for a refund. You found them locally, You decide to buy new blinds, you just changed your mind.

With this many components, We understand you may purchase the wrong parts, please try again, We will not give up, if you don't.


Return Policy:

Returns Are Welcome. Here is More Information on sending us a part. If needed, you can then place a new order for the correct parts online. If you need help finding the correct part, you can email us photos of yours, (email info) or send one of your original parts with the return. Shipping is not always refundable.


We Do Not guarantee, Mistakes will not happen

We DO guarantee, To Correct Any Mistakes
And Keep TheHighest Quality Control Possible

We want it correct the first time too.

There are Humans ordering & providing this service. These parts are as custom as the blinds they repair. No matter how fast the modern world turns, humans still have to Eat, Sleep & Go Potty.
People get sick & they do make mistakes.

Thank You for your Support & Patience






We Do Not Sell New Blinds, Just everything Else...