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Frequently Asked Questions


Before Ordering

How do I contact you?

Email or mail Only

How can I be sure this is the correct part i need?

Visual confirmation is the best way. Separating name brands helps, but its also why we can't confirm for you without seeing it. The part numbers that you may have, are not always available to us to cross reference or have posted on the site. If the part you see online looks just like your original, you can feel comfortable that its a match. Sending us a picture, is the best way to get a confirmation from one of the warehouse technicians.

What are your shipping costs?

You can view an estimate of shipping costs during checkout. However, final shipping costs will be displayed on the Invoice you see before confirming your order. Our shipping editor adjusts on a product basis. It uses size and weight of the product, and further adjusts by the quantity in your order. Average shipping/handling costs are between 3-6 dollars.

What are the dimensions?

Not all parts have sizes posted mostly becuase were still taking photos of them all and they are always changing. Once picture sizes and thumbnails are set, dimensions can be properly created for the whole site. When necessary for ordering, any size options can be selected in the cart just before checkout. Visual confirmation is still the best way to find the part you need. Sometimes removing the part from the blind is necessary, in order to hold it near the computer to visually compare. If you still can't find the right part, we may not have it cataloged or posted there yet. Please send us photos when available, or visit the Contact Us page.

What is your minimum order amount?

The minimum amount is a $9.95 parts order, shipping is not included. The minimum charge is there to cover the basic costs of sending the order. You can create your order by ordering any combination of parts you would need while most repairs need several different parts & only 1 each. We allow you to build your own minimum order so we had to set a dollar limit, not how many parts we make you buy that you don't need. We do not mark up shipping or make you buy a pack of 10 only, you can buy just one.

Can I pay with a Check / Money order?

Due to credit card fraud and fees we only accept Check or money orders. You can have your bank mail a check.
You will need to write the order number on the check before you mail it in, so please place the order online first. Proceed through checkout, and select the check/money order option for the billing method. You will need to confirm the order, and receive the order confirmation before your order is complete. In your email confirmation, you will receive mailing instructions, who to make the check payable to and of course the order total.

Do you ship catalogs or brochures?

No, sorry. We try our best to make all of the information for our products available on our Web site including but not limited to measuring instructions, installation instructions, color charts and care & warranty information.

Do you have any distributors? Where can i find parts locally?

We currently do not distribute nor have any local outlets available. We try our best to make all of the information for our products available on our Web site including but not limited to measuring instructions, installation instructions, color charts and care & warranty information. We will soon have a search available to locate service centers in your area.

Do you charge sales tax?

Only if the sale is made in Arizona, and it will automatically be applied during checkout.

What methods of payments do you accept?

Due to credit card fraud and fees,
We currently accept personal or company checks and money orders only.
You can set up Bill Pay or other names used by banks to mail us a check online.

How long will it take to receive my order?

After Check is received & in Stock is confirmed, check will be deposited then.
If check is not deposited, stock has not been confirmed to process order.
Orders ship as soon as they are completed.
These times vary from product to product.
If you ordered more than one type they may arrive on different days depending on the availability and order size.
Orders can be Shipped within 10 Business days or 3 to 4 weeks

Do you ship outside the continental U.S.?

We do not take International Orders.

I can't find my part?

You're not alone, the Window Coverings Industry is confusing. Its best to become familiar with some of the terminology, and we have labeled some common parts with corresponding pictures to help find the correct category. We have hundreds if not thousands of different parts to still catalog and add to the site. The part you're looking for may not yet be uploaded.

I want to send you a picture?

Getting us a visual on the part you need is the best way to find it. Send them to newtronstars@gmail.com
Certainly. Its always appreciated to take the time and send us a match to make sure you receive the correct parts. Here's a link to more information and the address to send to. Send Us Your Parts

How can I find out more about what the part terms mean?

Were always adding information to help with this. You can also visit our info site with more instructions. There are schematics for each product group that displays common parts with the general terms for that part. Those terms are also links taking you closer to the part you need. Match your part to the pictures available is the best way to find your parts.

Can I change or cancel the order?

Changes cannot be made to the order once you have confirmed it. It's best to cancel it, and place a new one with the correct items or quantities needed. You can send an email at any time to request a cancellation.

I have a part number, how come it isn't useful?

Were just a hardware store and don't have any direct access to any of the original makers database to cross reference this for you. Most parts have been used under many names.  Some have a kirsch blind that has a Hunter Douglas parts on it, with a Kirsch sticker on the bottom rail.  We have named most parts generically, to avoid a part listed as Levolor, Kirsch, Hunter Douglas, Louverdrape etc.  The model names have also changed over the years, and is another reason we need to see your parts in order to give the best suggestions for replacements.

How do I receive parts from the original maker?

You must be the original owner in order to receive parts directly. This is where you part number may come in handy. If you haven't already tried, go back to your retailer and explain what happened. They will need information that is printed on a sticker inside or around your headrail. It will help you find your information in their database. They most likely don't have accessible records past 3 years. The problem is, how do you explain or order the parts you need. Explore the site for information regarding this.

Which name brands do you carry?

Hunter Douglas, Levolor, Graber, Kirsch, Prestige, Bali, Comfortex, Delmar, LouverDrape, and so many more.

How do I know which brand I have?

There should be a label with their logo on it. This is always changing.
Email us pictures of the window covering and we can see which model you have.

Now that I know my part is discontinued, or out of stock, what can I do?

Where here to help look, and is our main goal to try and make these parts consistently available. Most manufacturers don't stock their own parts, but outsource to extruders. Some parts are also not made in volume for any vendor to stock in quantity. When stock becomes available, the option to buy online will appear for purchasing.
Are these first quality? Do you sell seconds?
It is very highly respected policy here to never send used or second rate parts for any of our part orders. There are numerous scenarios however in which these are acceptable, and the availability of the exact original is nearly impossible. We will always suggest any known conversions before we think about the possibility of sending second rate parts through your confirmation. 

Time of Ordering

How long does it take to process custom orders?

Every order for parts become custom for each type of blind. Consider the lefts rights, greens and blues, none of these orders can be pre-filled.
For out of production components, a first paid, first served basis will be applied. This status is necessary as a result of our online processing, and how we manage your order.  Email us at any time to cancel your order, all you have to do is ask us, but refunds have to be processed as cancellations within our provider.

Why am I getting an Empty Cart during checkout?

Your cookies are most likely turned off, and are necessary to checkout. The information about the items in your cart are stored here, and need to be accessible. The best solution right now has been to use a different web browser to place the order. There are many sites available to learn how to change your cookie settings.

Will I receive an order email confirmation?

Yes, its automated so you will receive a few seconds after you order. The last page of the confirmation will display the email address it will be sent to, in addition to your order number and total.

Will you give out or sell any of my personal information?

Absolutely not. Please refer to our privacy statement in the services link. We will only send you information about your order as well.

Are your online transactions secure?

Absolutely, and certified through GeoSign.


After Placing Your Order

What is your return policy? Can I return parts?

Yes, Returns Are Welcome. Please login to your Customer Account and print a Return Authorization and packing label. Be sure to include the return authorization in the package with the returning items. If needed, you can then place a new order for the correct parts online. If you need help finding the correct part, you can email us photos of yours, (email info) or send one of your original parts with the return. Shipping is not always refundable. Custom Fabricated Replacement Products Are Non Refundable. Tracks, Louvers, Cord, RollerShades, & Roman Shade Kits. We can exchange or replace some items.

We were unable to locate an invoice with confirmation number..... ?

The confirmation number is not your 6 digit order number. This number is in the automated email that is sent to you after you place the order.

My target ship date keeps moving ?

Your ship date is an estimate, and on that day you will receive an email notice form us either of a shipping confirmation or a new rescheduled Target Ship Date.
We will do everything we can to ship your items on or before your target ship date. Sometimes, the process to fill the parts you need may take longer then expected.
Blind Tech has been working hard on providing excellent customer service & delivery time. We have been dedicated to Stocking Photographing & Cataloging a Complete Line Of Our Industries Components, Directions & Information. The number one cause for any delay is finding the parts quickly in our warehouse. We are in a constant state of Organizing & Developing.

My order was received damaged in shipping?

We WILL take care of any damage incurred during shipping but, you need to follow these important steps:
1. Inspect your order as soon as you receive it and notify us immediately if the merchandise has been damaged in shipment. If your order was delivered by a Ground Freight company you MUST note with the delivery driver any damage by signature. If you did not leave a signed note with the driver then replacements cannot be made at no cost. If the order was oversized, over 96", then we reserve the right to remake it as two separate headrails/Valances.
2. Please check to make sure that the products you ordered were delivered/made exactly as you specified when you ordered them.
Call/Email/Fax are all listed in the Contact Us page, and we'll confirm reshipment via email.