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What Is Your Projected Ship Date

We Do Quote Worst Case Delivery Times

Your Order Can Ship Before The Projected Date, But It Is Only A Calculated Estimate Of The Date Your Order Will Ship From Our Facility (subject to change).

Vendor or Manufacturer delivery dates can vary or be unpredictable.

A calculated average is taken from a time period based on the product you've ordered, and can vary slightly based on current production time. It is also unreasonable to track averages for every single product, as they are not all ordered in our average time period calculation.

Your ship date is an estimate, and on that day you will receive an email notice form us either of a shipping confirmation or a new rescheduled Target Ship Date.

We will do everything we can to ship your items on or before your target ship date. Sometimes, the process to fill the parts you need may take longer.

Blind Tech has been working hard on providing excellent customer service & delivery time. We have been dedicated to Stocking Photographing & Cataloging a Complete Line Of Our Industries Components, Directions & Information. The number one cause for any delay is finding the parts quickly in our warehouse. We are in a constant state of Organizing & Developing.

Mulitple Items

For mulitple item orders, your estimated ship date is selected from the product with the furthest estimated date. Often times, other parts that are ready can be sent as partial shipments when available. Partial shipments will be processed automatically for orders that are over 30 dollars. Any order under 30 dollars will be sent partially only as requested.

Shipping Info