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The Window Covering Hardware Parts Store
12 Years Online
With Over 35 Years In The Industry
Providing Design, Installation, & Service

We Provide 2 Informational Sites "FREE" to our Industry & Consumers


Some time in the mid 90's
It all started when a consumer
walked into a Retail Blind Store & asked

"Do you have any blind repair parts"?

Since we took care of that stores repairs.
The 1st referral was sent to us,  A  few years later, we had several consumers a day
coming through our door looking for parts.
Each part was only requested a few times a year, finding them Quickly,Cost Effectively,
Hidden in the warehouse, was the problem

We have been developing a Complex Database - Catalog
to track the 1000s of parts creating a long-term cost effective
way of providing these parts to the consumer
consistently & easily accessible.

In 1998 The transition started. It began with developing an inventory tracking system for our 4 Installation Vans & the Consumer. Using the internet to build this catalog started with 500 parts out of over 5000 different parts in our warehouse. We had purchased them over the years from providing guarantee work for the retailers & manufactures. Soon our sister company evolved into B&D Install & continues to service our local market.

There is no large market demand for these parts,
We are a fashion driven industry, We take down things that still work to put up the new colors or fashion.
Often, our site is used for just resource & information, Many consumers make the final decision to purchase new blinds, compared to repairing.

This is not your plumbing or refrigerator & can be left broken for years until the consumer redecorates, or uses glue and tape to keep the blinds going.

Some retailers, take care of their old customers, by guaranteeing the product beyond the manufacture's warranty, Even some manufactures take care of their warranty repairs, for a limited time, or only the current stock parts they have.

This leaves only a few, Who need parts, then out of a 100 orders 99 are different.  Some inventory will last us a lifetime & 95% of our parts are in stock.

We have many sources for Out of Production Hard to Find Parts & receive them every day, just not always sure what will we get & how many. We have fabricated some of these parts.

Even orders from the manufacture come in wrong, or take weeks to get.
They prefer you buy new blinds & are not in the parts business.

You may find a local company in your area that repairs & services blinds, Please email us the information to list them on our site, for your local consumers




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