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The Window Covering Hardware Parts Store
20 Years Online
With Over 40 Years In The Industry
Providing Design, Installation, & Service

We Provide 2 Informational Sites "FREE" to our Industry & Consumers


We have been developing a Complex Database - Catalog
to track the 1000s of parts creating a long-term cost effective
way of providing these parts to the consumer
consistently & easily accessible.


Some retailers, take care of their old customers, by guaranteeing the product beyond the manufacture's warranty, Even some manufactures take care of their warranty repairs, for a limited time, or only the current stock parts they have.

We have many sources for Out of Production Hard to Find Parts. We have fabricated some of these parts.

Orders from the manufacture come in wrong, or take weeks to get.
They prefer you buy new blinds & are not in the parts business.

You may find a local company in your area that repairs & services blinds, Please email us the information to list them on our site, for your local consumers




Visit Our Information Site BlindsParts.Info




We Do Not Sell New Blinds, Just everything Else...